Free Energy, “Dance All Night”

I bet there are songs you don’t like to play too often because they’re too special. Free Energy’s “Dance All Night” is one of those for me. The Philly band’s song came out during my freshman year of college and my memory of this song consists of me sitting in VIC Radio’s studio during my midnight-2 shift, imagining the carpeted walls a starry sky.

It’s a long, slow song that may be cheesy, especially since 2013 indie pop really wished the 80s had never ended (see above artwork ). Though it’s not a guilty pleasure, I wouldn’t exactly post this on my Facebook wall. I could see people rolling their eyes at this song because of its romance and simple composition. But for some reason,  “Dance All Night” makes me feel a kind of hope that results in vulnerability. So it’s one of those songs I keep in a box in my heart, sharing it with no one but the four people who read this blog.

Good for you!!!


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