Notorious B.I.G., “Juicy”

Biggie. He died twenty years ago. I was 3, so all I knew as a kid was that he was legendary and he was dead. I bounced around to “Hypnotize,” bowed my head during P.Diddy and Faith Evans’ “I’ll Be Missing You,” and had a very hot opinion on the LAPD. It was a little backward for a first-grader. But thank you, parents, for letting me listen to rap with my older siblings because I may not have known The Beatles like most of my classmates, but I was starting to learn something that was going to shape me for the better.

And “Juicy.” It’s such a tribute to his musical predecessors, to his mom, to understand what “all good” means. Everything about his legacy has been said– the word play, street cred, violence, charism, sexism, size — in articles, interviews, Behind The Music, and the biopic. He proclaimed himself notorious; his legacy embodies allure. He’s probably the most popular person who gets a nod towards Heaven. Maybe that’s a reflux of culture. Maybe that’s because underneath that iconic king hat, there was “Juicy.”


3/11/17: Updated for clarification on the feels


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