Lorde, “Green Light”

Pop prodigy Lorde hit A CHORD with this song. It’s a journey – powered by the never-quit piano, guided by Lorde’s wide range – that scores a stage in an emotional break-up. The montage could last a day, a week, maybe a year. No matter the length, this song can get you through that phase of wanting to let go of a love but knowing you’re not quite there yet. Lorde suggests that you live on and dance it out anytime the moment strikes (in a public bathroom, on top of a car with your chauffeur keeping watch) until you see that green light.

I’m really excited for a Lorde return. I really knew she set her place in pop culture when I went to an Orwells/Twin Peaks show a couple years ago and so many young ladies were channeling lion manes and dark lipstick like girls did with blazers and short hair a la Pat Benatar in Fast Time at Ridgemont High. If that’s not proof of influence, I don’t know what is.

Here’s the video. I wish she bumped into somebody while dancing on the sidewalk, apologized, and then kept going.


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