“Oh Marie,” Louis Prima

Happy Mardi Gras/Martedì Grasso/Fat Tuesday! Yes, it’s a Christian holiday, but psh, whoever the hell you are, get festive and go up on this Tuesday. I’m choosing “Oh Marie,” because Louis Prima is Italian and from New Orleans, so that’s double the Mardi Gras power! Prima’s music is predictable in a fun, familiar way. He’ll do a verse or two, engage in a call and response, and then the band goes HAM. Or as I used to say when I studied in Rome, “prosciutt’.” Drop that slice when you’re with people who understand what “stunad” means and thank me later.


Wait.. but what is Fat Tuesday? It’s the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent and the reason why your Catholic-by-heritage friends go veg for the next 7 Fridays even though they go to church like 3 times a year. IT’S A STRUGGLE. So why do your spiritual-but-not-religious friends do it? BECAUSE IT PLAYS WITH OUR EMOTIONS. Just kidding. Eating less meat is generally good for the environment and Catholic guilt may wane, but it NEVER DIES.

Buon Carnevale!


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