The Diamonds, “Little Darlin'”

Ah, “Little Darlin’.”  The first note flies and I’m instantly transported –  not in the past,  not in bowels of hopes that never will be- just somewhere freakin’ awesome. This song is quirky, brave, and downright charming. It’s the doo-wop era on steroids with boy band chords, baritone feature, falsetto yawn (ya ya ya ya), and a request to hold hands. Let your guard down about cheesy Grease-era music and stare at the stars or buy a corsage or drink a milkshake or call a dude “fella.”

P.S. This is in the Top 10 Profess Love to Me Songs, which includes Backstreet Boys’ “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” Blue Suede’s “Hooked on a Feeling,” and the classic – it’s so cliche but I DGAF- Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’ “Time of My Life” aka the Dirty Dancing song. The Dirty Dancing song literally makes me reach for air, even when I play it for myself on iTunes like I am now.


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