K7, “Come Baby Come”



“Come Baby Come”was a power anthem of the 90s. And still today, if it’s on the dancefloor, you bet your beer that the mosh of people will split in a circle, waiting for some couple to profess their love like people do in movies. If you deny that you’d ever want to see a love story be played out with questionable lyrics and a Jock Jams beat, then YOU ARE A LIAR AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED.


Doesn’t the “c’mon” that appears in the background sound familiar?

You could say it derived from Black Sheep’s “The Choice is Yours”

…. but they got that from somebody else.

It’s from the vocals of Sweet Linda Divine’s 1970 track “I’ll Say it Again.”

A riff that happens once in song from a completely different era of music can travel into the Top 40 airways and into our nostalgic hearts 4-EVA. That’s why I love when sampling is done artfully.



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