The Avalanches, “Since I Left You” + “Stay Another Season”

I had to add “Stay Another Season” to talk about The Avalanches’ 2000 single “Since I Left You” (off of the album of the same name) because that’s how you’re supposed to listen to this EP– in one long wave with one song after the other. Created with numerous samples, these two tracks are a collage of sound and retro rhythm that may seem not so revolutionary now, but from what I’ve read, was lit when it debuted in 2000. What I love about this album, (besides the “Holiday” clip in “Stay Another Season”) is the literary way the band put the samples together throughout the album. Like any good long-form piece, there are drips of theme that make the finale, “Extra Kings,” extra special.

WARNING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: While I listen to this album I eventually feel weird, a little music-high, and like I need to buy a black turtleneck.


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