Bibi Bourelly, “Ballin”

Sometimes I’m too lazy to listen to a new song on the radio, but when I heard the first line of “Ballin” – “I got fired from Old Navy”– I could not turn the dial.

The lyrics themselves “ballin, ballin, I’m so f*cking awesome” may be douchey on paper, but delivered with Bibi’s humble tone and coupled with a story of struggle, it works. No matter your money situation, you can close your eyes and believe Bourelly’s self-aware assurance.

P.S. If that “yeah-yo” sounds like Rihanna, it’s because Bourelly wrote the iconic “B*tch Better Have My Money.”

The video actually has a plot with characters, like Bibi’s friend/saint and  “Monica” who is hard-working and has standards but does not see the big picture.

*** This post was updated at 10:28 am 2/16/17 because I wrote it while falling asleep the night before


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