Jackie Wilson, “Lonely Teardrops”

Sometimes, when you got the blues and think “agh where is my life going–I can’t do make-up–nobody is off of work on Tuesdays like me–will I find love?” You may need a set of 50s and 60s tunes with sad lyrics and an upbeat tempo to shimmy your problems away!

Enter Jackie Wilson’s “Lonely Teardrops.”

Lyrics like “my pillow is never dry of lonely tear drops!….. my heart does nothing but burn crying!” is contradicting by a light guitar shuffle and Wilson’s charming rendition.

Fun Fact: Berry Gordy, Goldwyn Gordy, and Roquel “Billy” Davis, and Dick Jacobs wrote the song. Ah, but it’s not Motown Records. Exactly. Gordy used the profits from the song to help fund Motown.

Really Fun Fact: The Isley Brothers created “Shout” as a response to “Lonely Teardrops” using the same phrase “say you will” repetitively. And we all know “Shout” is basically the #1 party classic and no wedding is worth its snuff if it doesn’t play it.

Wow, now I feel better! Maybe I can apply for that job now.


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