The Sun Days, “Come Have Me Over”

The Sun Days impress with —I’ll say it— this sun-kissed tune. If this does not make you want to drive in a car from the 90s out in the hills with your long-haired friends while the sun is setting or go to some indie store whose decor can be summed up by the Illuminati Triangle and buy hand-crafted twinkle lights to throw up on your porch so you can dance at night, then please tell me what this song tickles you into doing because I’m about to hop in my car and go.

Actually, I did. Last week I graduated college (hence the new blog! Gotta up my cred) and left its town in Central New York State a few days later. I made a last drive through the campus playing Walk the Moon’s “Anna Sun,” and as I turned in the intersection to leave for home, I pressed play to this song. Then I think I cried those happy tears and raised my fist out the window all The Breakfast Club style. No shame.

This song is light, and the swaying hook is basically calling out to soundtrack curators to add it to the next film that the writers of 500 Days of Summer and The Spectacular Now come up with.

listen to it here on bandcamp


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